Be the event that your participants plan for all year long

Your budget is too tight to waste it on marketing that doesn’t work!

If you put on events, you know that these problems can feel like running uphill, in a headwind.  Luckily for you, there’s an easier path!

Increase Revenue

More participants = More revenue! 

Save Time

Staff is limited in time & experience, partner with Endurance Marketing to stand out from the crowd

Decrease frustration

Your website needs to be clear and easy to navigate decreasing athlete frustration & questions

As a race director for over 20 years,

I understand tight budgets and limited resources. You need marketing that works for you, so you can increase your revenue and decrease frustrations, that’s how Endurance Marketing helps your event!


Develop a One Liner
A Homepage Wireframe


Develop a One Liner
2 Webpages Wireframed
Nurture Email Campaign (5 emails)

Ultra Plan

Sometimes you don’t know what you need, we will work together to create a plan that is just right for you

Our Training Plan

1 – Let’s Chat

2 – Choose a Plan

3 – Lead the Pack

With more entertainment options for people to spend their disposable income, events are finding it hard to stand out from all the choices.  With Endurance Marketing Inc. comprehensive marketing plans, events will stand out in a crowd, resulting in more participants and sponsorships.


Creating a story is all the buzz in marketing and advertising, but most people think it’s about telling your story and what you offer.  No one cares about your story; they want you to care about their story and give them a solution to their problem.

That’s why companies like Toms Shoes, Charity Water, Intel and thousands of companies big and small use the StoryBrand framework to help them grow.


As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, this framework is a key tool we use to simplify your message and create words that speak directly to your participants.  When you put your customers’ story above your own, it helps them win and your event grows.